Quepos, Costa Rica

South view from our balcony

South view from our balcony

South view from our balcony
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Beach House with Great Ocean View - non simultaneous exchange for Wales + Ireland Aug 1- 10 2017

We are looking for a non simultaneous exchange - we will be in Wales this July and August,.

Enjoy the rainforest and wildlife without roughing it! Manuel Antonio / Quepos is one of the most popular tourist spots in Costa Rica, and this house has just about the best possible view there. Because this neighborhood has the best views in Quepos/Manuel Antonio and three beaches, it has attracted the pricier hotels in the area (Makanda, Mariposa, La Mansion, Issimo and Hotel Parador).
Available short term only, maximum 2 weeks. NOTE: I also rent this home on another site and I have more than 50 excellent reviews from my renters that you can see.

DISTANCE TO THE BEACH: To get to the far end of Espadilla beach (the opposite end from the National Park) and to Dulce Vida beach, walk downhill on the left hand fork in front of the house for one kilometer (0.6 mile). The road dead ends at one end of the largest beach, Espadilla beach; Dulce Vida beach is to the right, around the rocks; this one is known as a gay beach. All of them are white sand beaches, good for swimming. There is also another beach following the right hand fork, better for small children with less waves.
The main photo shows the south view from our balcony of Manuel Antonio National Park.
This house has two bedrooms with double beds and AC on one floor, plus the bathroom. On the upper floor there is a kitchen, living room, and a beautiful balcony (about 800 square feet total/75 m2). There's an oven, microwave, blender, fridge, also pots and pans, sheets, towels, pillows, hair dryer and a few books. There is a telephone for local calls; you can make international calls with a phone card. There's a full time caretaker. We don't have a TV, a pool, bathtub, or stereo. There are ceiling fans in every room, and showers with solar hot water. One is an outdoor shower with hot water for washing the sand off when you come in from the beach. We have a full length mirror, blow dryer and clothes steamer. The house is three stories, and there are fifty four steps to get to the entrance. Definitely not handicapped accessible, and not good for toddlers. The house gets the sea breeze. The electricity is U. S. standard 110 volts with US style plugs.
A wonderful place for tropical birdwatching! Up above the canopy. We see laughing falcons, parrots, parikeets, scarlet tanagers, electric blue dachnis, frigate birds, golden-headed tanagers, tropical kingbirds, pelicans and many more. There are at least 224 bird species to be seen in this area. I have a list of birds seen from the balcony that the professor of ornithology at the University of Southern California made. We tend to notice the laughing falcon just after a rain - they have a distinctive cry. Squirrel monkeys and whiteface monkeys are common, in fact I heard a tourist saying that they were 'monkeyed out.' You can often hear the howler monkeys as well. The squirrel monkeys sometimes come up near the balcony. The lizards you see everywhere are garrobos, an omnivorous cousin to iguanas. They are harmless; actually they are helpful, they eat pests. Some of them live in and around the stairs.
We're not far from the national park and several private reserves; also near a five star restaurant, casino, hospital, and the airport.

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Aeropuerto más cercano: Quepos airport -

  • sea Three beaches nearby (1.1 km)
  • forest Jungle (1.2 km)
  • shopping Supermarket (1.2 km)
  • beach x (0.0 km)
  • boating Kayaking (1.2 km)

Manuel Antonio is one of the two most popular tourism destinations in Costa Rica. Nearby Biesanz Beach has been listed as one of 10 “Hidden Jewels” General Area Information
Restaurants: Listed by the distance from our house; menus are on the bookshelf. Most Restaurants charge 13% sales tax, and include a mandatory 10% tip (only the cheapest have an exemption from this.)
· Hotel Makanda Sunspot restaurant ☎2777-0442 has is right next door and has only eight tables, adults only. Walk downhill and to the right. You can use their pool if you order something from the menu.
· Hotel Arenas del Mar ☎2777-2777 has two restaurants, El Mirador, and Playitas Snack Bar. Walk downhill on the right hand fork, first left immediately after the fork. You will need to ask for the electric cart to take you to the restaurant. Lamb at El Mirador was very good; the fish I had was ok.
· Emilio's cafe is nice for lunch and quite close to our house; desserts look great. Dinner is not as good.

* La Lambretta Pizzeria is next to Emilios.

* Manuel Antonio Felafel Bar is at the corner of our road and the main road, on the north side.
* Lush Tapas Bar and Lounge is in the shopping center at the turn off for our road, on the second floor.

· Barba Roja restaurant is a neighborhood landmark. Eat in or take out. They have a nice view.
· The Howard and Carolyn’s old Karola’s restaurant is gone – the new Karola’s is in a different location and has different owners. We haven’t tried it.
· The Gaia Hotel has two restaurants. La Luna restaurant is expensive and good. We haven’t tried Gaia’s Ambar Lounge.
* The Pez Vela Marina in Quepos has a shuttle service ☎2777-0340, and has several restaurants, including The Z Gastro Bar, Sonrice Sushi and the Runaway Grill.

Supermarkets Super Pura Vida is ¼ mile away and is closest. It is spread between two buildings. It’s at the T junction of our road with the Quepos/Manuel Antonio road at the top of the hill. Super Joseth has more things, is more expensive, and they deliver: 2777-1095. Go up to the main road, turn left (north) towards Quepos. It's on the right or land side of the road about 400 meters. I think the best selection is at Miniprice in Quepos, and best prices are at the big Maxipali supermarket outside of town.

Nearest ATM: Banco Promérica (☎2777 5101). Right at the turnoff for our road.

Hospital Quepos (☎2777-0922) 300 meters south of Quepos Airport.
Laundry service is available; our caretaker will charge by weight; also the Lavandería Flor Blanca (☎2777 5050), on the main road just past the school and soccer field and before Super Joseth. 3 Kilo minimum for ¢5,000, each kilo extra ¢1,500 Open daily 8am-8pm.

Pharmacy: Farmapolis is at the intersection of our road with the main road, 8 am - 8pm ☎2777-7900. Also, Farmacía La Económica (☎2777 2130) In Quepos, across the street from the main bus stop and market. Open daily 8am-8pm. AmEx/D/MC/V.
Riptides: Watch out for the riptides on the main beach! The current travels parallel for the length of the beach, then makes a short turn out to sea at the end of the beach, and then dies out. Riptides are worst when the tide is going out, about halfway between high and low tide. If you know what you are doing, it's fun to let the current carry you, and then swim back in. There's no riptide on the little beaches.
Security: Crime in this area tends toward non-violent sneak thievery; you are not likely to get attacked, but you should watch your possessions. Lock the house, put the alarm on, and close and lock the balcony doors. Also, lock your car and don't leave your camera in plain view inside the car. Don't leave your camera and wallet unattended on the beach when you go in swimming.
Manuel Antonio National Park: The 690 hectare park was established in 1972. It has four beaches curving around a bay full of islands of rock and shaded by trees. This park is one of the most beautiful in the Park System. It has marked walking trails, restrooms and picnic areas. Both Punta Catedral and Puerto Escondido have scenic overlooks. Hours: every day from 7 am till 4 pm (closed on Mondays). Entrance fee is $16.00. It has a variety of wildlife and more than one hundred species of mammals. NOTE: The whiteface monkeys know how to open a zipper on a pack, and they will rummage through your things. Animals commonly sighted include parrots, iguanas (really garrobos), white-faced and howler monkeys. Also seen: raccoons, tepezcuintles, agoutis, coatimundis, toucans, opossums, sloths, agoutis, peccaries, seabirds, frigate birds, pelicans, terns and brown boobies. At the entrance to the park there are several restaurants, bars, and snack bars. There are also rental shops with boogie boards, mats, towels and beach wear.

NOTE: There are some pushy guides and parking attendants on the public road to the park. Don't pay them anything, ignore them and go to end of the road. You do not have to have a guide in the park.

Animals: Three kinds of monkeys are common here, and they often come to our garden. The squirrel and whiteface monkeys mostly eat insects, but also fruit. There is sometimes a sloth in the cecropia tree close to the west side of the balcony. We’ve seen hundred of kinds of birds from our balcony, including toucans, and we often hear laughing falcons, especially after it rains.


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We’ve done about seven home exchanges (on a different exchange site). All were great fun. We do not smoke; we’re willing to take care of your pets or plants. We will lock up carefully and be careful with security. We will take good care of your home!

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We’re interested in plants, gardening, animals, history and rural life.

We’re looking for an exchange early August for a trip to Wales and Ireland. We’ll need a place to stay near Heathrow on the way out (August 9th, 2017).

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