Lazio, Italia

A spring morning view from in the dining room

A spring morning view from in the dining room



Living-room from the kitchen

Living-room from the kitchen

Kitchen view

Kitchen view

Relaxing at sunset

Relaxing at sunset

Loft from the bedroom corner

Loft from the bedroom corner

The road  entrance

The road entrance

A spring morning view from in the dining room DINNER TIME VIEW Living-room from the kitchen Kitchen view Relaxing at sunset Loft from the bedroom corner The road  entrance


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Abierto para intercambiar
Fechas del intercambio Duración
June 12, 2019 - July 03, 2019

Approximate dates. I am flexible with respect to summer 2019 and open to propositions, particularly Scotland, Canada and New Zeland.

3 weeks
July 09, 2019 - July 28, 2019

Any two weeks/ten days in this laps of time

2 weeks
August 06, 2019 - August 27, 2019

Any 2 weeks/10 days within this period

2 weeks

Sunny duplex in gorgeous settings

The flat is on two floors that communicate through a spiral staircase in the entrance. The top floor is a very light 60 square-meter self contained flat with a fully equipped open-plan kitchen, living/dining space with a convertible couch (for 2) and, on the far end a door opening into a luxurious bathroom. A double bed and several wardrobes complete this open space setting, which is brightly lit by 6 skylight windows.
You enter the apartment from the last floor (with elevator) of 3 store building, stepping straight into a bright living room, warmed by a homely fire place directly in front of you and framed on both side by large glass doors - south on the one side and north on the other (dining room/kitchen side.) Beyond the living quarters, there are two spacious bedroom -one with an en-suite tub bathroom. I use the other as a study, though it has an Ikea convertible drawer bed for 2. There is a small bathroom with shower between the bedrooms, though its main purpose is for laundry. Beside the small dining room balcony, there are two terraces, both facing south/south-east. The larger one serves the living room while the smaller more exclusive one belongs to my bedroom.
From spring to autumn, streams of sunlight beam into the flat on either side at some point during the day. Moreover the entire north/north-west side has a spectacular view over crop fields, hills, and volcanic mountains in the far distance. If you are a nature lover, you will be able to gaze upon many a different sunset during your stay while the birds chirp their adieu for the night, or enjoy the moon’s transits in the sky from the terraces at certain times of the month.
Although, there are at present no pets to care, the plants will need watering, particularly if you stay for over a week and temperatures are high.
Weather wise, the area in and around our very green estate has enjoyed a very pleasant micro climate over the past 3 or 4 years. Temperatures are several degrees lower than those of Rome in the summer and as pleasantly mild most of the year with spring starting as early as the end of January (although it is punctuated by windows into the winter!) Our particular spot is always breezy and I have never used the air conditioning on the lower floor of the flat since I settled in 3 years ago.
The duplex lays on the border of a magnificent 600 acres private estate once belonging to the Incisa family, now a friendly international community of 8000 people. The Olgiata is still considered Rome, although it has all the aspects of lush countryside. It is entirely residential, punctuated by common grounds, foot paths , a few children’s parks and miles of quiet private roads regulated by sleeping policemen. Leisure activities include a Golf Club, a Country Club (Olympic size swimming pool, tennis and bar/restaurant), and the near-by Riding Club with its restaurant and bar. The latter are open to all residents for a fee whereas the Golf Club is reserved to members and their guests, with a green fee for outside golfers. The only commercial activity within the estate is a lovely bar/restaurant with a shady Olive-trees garden (much like a country pub) where people meet up for breakfast, family lunch or on special dinner occasions.
There are two main access gates to the estate, both securely guarded. The opening of the third one (a foot path on the west side accessing the railway station) is scheduled for next autumn. All the shops, countless supermarkets, commercial centers, bars, restaurants, medical cabinets, little grocery and vegetable stores, butchers, fishmongers, banks, several fitness centers, a spa, 3 pharmacies, etc are situated outside the gates within a 5 km radius. I would say that the whole area is a small town within the confines of a Capital City, and linked to it by the commuter train line that stretches out to the lakes in the north (Bracciano, Trevignano.) We actually sit on an ancient Etruscan area, not too far from the natural park of Veio. Other that the this park, I usually recommend day excursions to one of our gorgeous lakes about half an hour drive away, a visit to the Etruscan Necropolis del Sorbo in Cerevetri, or a day in the Terme dei Papi (spa, naturally steaming swimming pool and most astonishing caves.) I advise visitors to relax and enjoy the beauty of the countryside as you go, setting aside all stress due the horrendous way Romans drive. Under an hour away by train, on quite the opposite side, you are in the center of Rome. I will skip on descriptions of the Eternal City, any guide book would do a lot better than I ever could!
Olgiata is a well known golf destination boasting 2 golf courses. Golf Opens are held regularly on the main eighteen-holes course.

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