Home Exchange with Intervac

Exchanging your home with Intervac members is easy. After you have signed up and filled in your listing you can get started right away looking for a potential exchange partner. Your membership fee covers unlimited exchanges during a specific period of time (usually a year or more) and most of our members exchange several times a year.

Thousands of Exchanges Each Year

Every day of the year intervac members are living in each other's homes, taking care of each other's pets and plants, and experiencing each other's neighbourhoods. Intervac members are host and guest to over 5000 exchanges per year. And we've been in business since 1953! When it comes to the security and enjoyablity of a home exchange holiday, those numbers speak volumes for the Intervac way of life.

Balanced Database Mix

Another benefit of our extensive experience is what we call our database mix. This refers to the percentage of members we have in Europe -vs- North America, or English speaking countries -vs- the rest of the world. We monitor these and other ratios and use them when deciding where to spend our advertising budget. You can be certain that the exchange you are looking for is in our database.

Many 2nd Generation Exchangers

And because we've been in business for 71 years and our concept is still fresh and innovative we are proud to have many second generation exchangers among our members. These are adults who first experienced home exchange as kids and now they are sharing it with their children.

National Representatives in Your Country

We have thirty-five national representatives around the world and most of them have been helping members like you find great exchanges for twenty years and more. Our agents know the ropes, they know the best tips, and they will do everything they can to help you find a great exchange. Intervac is located in your country, and speaks your language.

Detailed Guidlines and Online Help

We have detailed guidelines for home exchange that are updated regularly in light of our organisers and their members' experience. Our online system is well documented with plenty of help text to give you a boost when find yourself stuck in the middle of the night.